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We are a web-based company that can solve majority of your financial problems through our innovative way of doing business in the modern age by using technology. 

Some of our services which we can offer:

* Last will and testaments

* Estate Administration

* Estate planning by using trusts

* Tax planning

* Short term and long term insurance through referral to our trusted partners.

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Redefining how south african wills are drafted

Tired of long consultations and discussions about your last will and testament ? Let us assist you with a free 45 minute consultation to draft your last will and testament. We offer free save custody of your original will should you wish to use this service.

Last will and Testament drafting
Testamentary Trusts
Free annual revision

Dying without a will ?

If you die without leaving a will or if you leave an invalid will, your heirs will inherit from you in terms of the Intestate Succession Act, Act 81 of 1987. This Act applies to all South Africans – regardless of race or culture. Intestate succession are the “rules” that are applied in terms of the above Act, to determine who will inherit your assets if you leave no will. This can mean that certain people may inherit from you that you maybe did not want to inherit from you.
Leave a will
It is therefore important to leave a will and anybody can (and should) have a will, no matter whether you are rich or poor. Consult with a professional person who has enough experience in wills and the tax laws to draft your will as soon as possible. Death is a certainty but we do not know when it is our time to go. This is not something you want to put off, so rather take care of this sensitive matter sooner rather than later. It is always better to know what your wishes were and leaving a will can make a difficult period for your family a bit easier to deal with if they know what you wanted.
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Team Player

Team Player

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Being professional at all times is at the forefront of our business.

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Research and Innovation

We are continuously improving our way of doing business.

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